As the world filled with differ kinds of love. but I must come to say but 1 kind that always or mostly stands’s a dogs love character not only that there hart has carries love most of the time. fully Prue of loyalty as they constantly urge for cuddles loves. giving u slobbery kisses kiss after kiss. As that bathroom walk comes time. The part u dread of going out side here’s a way to think. as u take them on a loving walk . yes the kids and u to dread it but only 1 part. not stopping there outside time for there last squishy kiss of love. T come to have to dish but as they love u no matter what happens in work ,girls or in the world. There always your’s to comeback home and squeeze. But I also must say there very brave as a companion. they always have your back back against any attack. There willing to take the sack and not u. and that’s very true as there puppies cute cuddle friendly. Not to forget messy part but as growing proceeds as well as the training.At that time that’s the time to train and not just sit back and release the wrong but to be to be nice furry cuddly buddies. But attack when needing stop by ur say not just keep feeding but be loving trusting

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dogs inspire me my 2 fav animal there cute cuddlly