Crying for two days almost three.
At 12 Am it's time to sleep.
Almost over as we can see.
Soon today will be out of my memory.
No more crying, no more hurting.
This day will be over and ending.
It hurts to think, it hurts to sleep.
My imagination goes so deep.
Floating once, then you sink.
Down into the unknown sleep.
Once you're dreaming and you see.
What's in front of you is imaginary.
You died in your dream or in mine.
Wake up wondering what’s the time.
Then you realize why you died.
You close your eyes while the dreams flow by.
As you wake the sun shines on your face.
Getting up and getting ready for the day.
As you read to yourself a little note.
“Today is a new day and it's better than yesterday.
You’ll be ready for challenges for better or for worse.”
As the days continue the same as always.
The dreams we once had go on for longer.
As the time goes on the worse they get.
But dreams are dreams and let's never forget.

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