Dream Weaver

“What a twisted web I weave,
when I’m living in my dreams,
my subconscious starts to lead,
my fears to deceive,
my past to reave,
my mind to perceive,
a broken soul indeed.
Making me believe that I didn’t leave,
still shattered as I grieve,
still trying to achieve,
still being so naive,
I’m living ever bad part of me, constantly qui vive.
I suddenly awake and try to shake,
this nightmare full of hate,
this feeling I will break,
this internal ache,
I look around and do a double take.
Covered in sweat and rattled,
like I just left a life or death battle,
half asleep and baffled,
my head all frazzled,
my past keeps me shackled,
my world begins to unravel,
as tears start to stream,
my heart let’s put a scream,
was that really just a dream?”

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