Drifting down the Amazon

(Stems from the conversation with my flatmate James’ trip to Brazil)

Oh look at you! you are dazzled and
dazed by what you see.
A demi-god, a demon or whatever I could be;
Drifting down the Amazon as true as
truth can be.
You’re unaware that the world you live
swarms with men like me
I assume that you view the world the way
its viewed by me.
An eternal race to get there first,
I wonder where that is?
I am drifting down the Amazon as true
as truth can be.
You are a man, and so I am, and we’ve lived
similar years but here we are face to face
you discover and I just see,
You live a life of mystery and all I do
is be. Drifting down the Amazon.

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