Dying heart

My heart once so full is now empty. The love I bare is forbidden to be. My heart is dying and the one who can save me know's not of me. My world once so full of life and color is now consumed with darkness. Why is this the way my journey ends to be without life without love or friends. The air around me is full of the sweet scent of roses more abundent by the day and yet all I smell is death creeping closer my way. Must it be must I die this way. I feel the darkness upon my shoulders as she who I love does so grow bolder. Why my love forgets me so does ever make my pain grow why she forgets I do not know oh how I long to go. My fate is sealed I am done death will come even though I am so young. My time has come I have no loss or gain nothing but the end to my pain. My sweet love I cannot stay but my love will burn hot no matter the way even after my dying day.

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