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Allow me to matriculate,
the circumstances which has caused your fate.
In an extensive vernacular, no wait,
perhaps I should make it simple?

Education is important and crucial,
it’s the standard so stay in school,
however, education doesn’t make you smart,
if you refuse to follow the golden rule.

Educated with such a high degree,
that’s stupendous, noble, and very cool.
Achieved a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate,
but got no job, but all the tools.

Don’t get me wrong!
I value education for illiteracy in very high,
but I’ve discovered many well to do folks,
who dropped out of school and often wondered why?

Either their born with it or inherited it,
educated themselves through hard knots no golden rule,
advanced, achieved, got ahead and stayed ahead,
and sure ain’t nobodies fool.

Life is education no institution has to teach me that,
so just find your nitch whatever it is,
go hard, work hard, watching your dreams as they hatch,
be creative find a way, something education cannot match.

This ain’t for everybody…


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