Breathe in
1 second 2 seconds 3 seconds go by
Not thinking about how long I hold my breath
But I suffocate inside
Visions of you yelling and screaming and visions where you cried
Cloud my mental space like crocodile tears cloud your eyes
You want this you want that and those tears make me hypnotized
Pouring down your face with a frown that seems to coincide
But it's a coincidence that it's me being the only one who tries
Why you ramble about life and what you think you need this time
Because we both know it won't stop now or even next time
Your wants will stay the same just hidden by the lies you disguise
Expecting what you don't deserve and blaming me every time
Yet you're pointing fingers at everyone and everything but your own reflection
And yet you reflect on my faults and my damage without a question
I feel my eyes slide open and closed with less than a second
And in that time I wonder when and how we began this therapy session
But I let you keep it going and let your sobs sound off your depression
While the ache to turn and walk away is all my minds catching
Like playing outfield and the bat is these words you're expressing
And slowly but surely your faces begin to dwindle and you pale
Realizing that the words you say have finally begun to fail
And I'm no longer being trapped by the lies your words entail
And I'm done with the games that has your mind compelled
To irritate everything inside me until I blow and release this hell
And now it's over and you apologize and say you won't bail
But it's already too late and it's just one of your many tall tales
So I stop and think deeply as I let my breath exhale

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