believe I believe that there is something more then what i am
new there's alway a new start to your life
love you always seem to find love in the weirdest places
pain there always pain in this game of life
hope we are always hoping for something
writing people write what they feel and see
friends a group of people you can laughing with and talk to
memories something we alway want to keep with us
smiling it can be real or fake only its holder knows the truth
depression its the darkness that's hiding inside you that wont dissapear
movies there just someone's fantasies of what they wish would happen
family its a group of people who are always there for each other
life well there's one i don't know how to explain you see because life has all of these things and that's what makes it special.

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there no real story to my poem just the beginning of what life holds for me during my sophomore year of high school