“Express To Represent”

I'm pro-God, His truths are written in my heart, Yet you tear every word apart. Hmmm... then I'm anti-Semitism, anti-God, anti-American and anti-peace, but you're pro-western media, pro-mass destruction and Pro-Zionist in the fifth columns in the USA. How do view peace? I've been accused of falling for everything because I don't stand something, as the saying goes. I ask my accusers to play that in reverse. Perhaps, those who have said they're standing for something are the very one's falling for the curse of Satan. I opened my Facebook one day and here's what the message had to say, "Sorry but, FBI, has been removed from the approved words you can search for." I couldn't finish the word that I was looking for! It wasn't FBI or even anything similar to a cure! So now I can't express what I represent? Freedom of speech only applies to a certain type of breech?

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Go ahead and fly off at me. I love America and I am glad to have been born in the USA. But I speak boldly and honesty here. When is America gonna turn back to God. Some of us claim she already has but I don't call these situations Godly. I apologize if I offended anyone. Speaking from my heart. #SacredInkedBlood