Feeling Defeated

Everything was destroyed in seconds
I feel utterly worthless
My emotions are completely shattered
Screaming within as I wear a smile on my face
Fighting off the emptiness
Trying to restrain the tears
Yet the intensity of my rage is overwhelming
The ungodly thoughts have only brought rage
As the wrath builds
Darkness rears its ugly head
Desperate for relief
To escape the hollowness
Longing for freedom from the hell within
I search for shelter wishing to vanish
Swallowed by the nothingness
For my soul begins to evaporate
Feeling as if all of the happiness
Has been drained from the world
Everything has turned cold abandoned from god
Not wanting to surrender to the agony
Yet my will to fight is weakening
So badly exhausted
Praying for an endless slumber
I close my eyes
Craving to vacate from my mind
Emotions and body.

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