Flash And Fade

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Fall to fall.
Leaves fall, colors change, then the first white dust spreads.
Flakes fall, nose hairs stand.
Birds chirp, grass turns green.
Hot days spent at the lake making forever long lasting memories.
Colors change, and leaves fall.
Just like that, life has blinked before your eyes.
Memories flash through your mind,you tightly close your eyes.
What do you remember the most?
The laughs of friends and family?
The precious cry of a newborn?
The tenebrific nights of each season?
Or the days you seen light and had dreams?
These memories are now becoming nothing.
Now think,is this the cause of you?
Or is it your blasphemy?
One last drink, my liver will last me but it has only caused a...
One last hit, for a high that might just kill me, and now everything_
MPH is 90, because being to work on time is more important than then_
Drink and drive,now you have just caused a _ onto someone else.
Fall to fall,
Created moments and memories eventually _FLASH&FADE_.
Life is not promised death is.
Was the flash and fade worth it?

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