Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run

Unwitting sexual objects, so statuesque, in lipstick, makeup and perfume
On pedestals they do display those wares that sway and allure
These fragrant flowers in disguise, so “fragile” and demure
Allegedly weaker of mankind with marriage paramount on the mind
Hoping for Mr. Right to tie the knot as life’s deceptively enduring prize
In a tomb of domesticity by vows to honor and obey.

Femininity overcome in a playground of masculinity
Jekyll and Hyde swing the swings, climb the monkey bars and ride the rides
Where lovers, predators and even molesters show their true sides
Sexual vulnerability succumbs to violence as common place
On a merry go round and round for those bound and never found
Out of sight and mind without a trace in the darkness of night.

So many years of being polite despite how egregious the plight
Glass ceilings broken by those previously token
Audacity of screams -ME TOO! –against sexual harassment and misogyny
Accusers emboldened while the accused cowed and broken
Wild fires of lies out of control in an avalanche of denials
Where few tears appear for careening careers.

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