Hard to Forget

And again I heard your voice amongst a crowd of a thousand people. I looked for you, but for your face I could not fine. I fell on my knees and your name was written amongst the town. I walked through the barren streets and heard your voice again, but u were not there. As tears rolled down my warm face I could almost feel your presence. Crazy, maybe. Insane, no. I missed you. Everything reminded me of you. The old motor of the truck parked alongside the old shop on the corner, the sway of the weeping willows leaves resembling your hair, the darkness and silence, and then the loneliness. I saw your name, once again, plastered on the side of a building. Then again on someone's license plate. I don't understand how I could miss you. You tore a dagger into my ribs and left it there to infect. You tried to help pull it out, but in the end it never worked. Everything became worse. Walking through again and again hearing your voice, but this time I did not try to find you. I instead turned my head in the opposite direction and accepted that I'd never find you again.

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