Haunted house

A haunted house
imagine any haunted house to have:
Creaking stairways
Whispering blinds
Creepy doorways
Blood-curdling sounds

Spooky cob-webs
Ominous darkness
Ghastly shadows
Dreadful loneliness

Spine tingling shrieks
Owls hooting
Things that make
Your skin crawl
Foreboding terror

An eerie silence
yet squeaky rats
A threatening suspense
with fluttering bats.

Thus a place crawling with,
oversized gnats
scurrying brats
and all kinds of scary things lurking about
except for scaredy-cats .

Like me of the fraidy cats

Tell me would you dare to venture

Into such a house

For a halloweenish midnight adventure ?


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This Poems Story

(Ok happened to pass an allegedly haunted abandoned house that most people don't want to venture in and I enjoyed scarifying myself thinking about it in the poetic way above for fun)