Have You Changed

You can dream that you can fly
You can believe that you can never die
You can tell the truth but at the same time lie
But you got to put in work
Show you can fall but never be hurt
Never claim defeat always try to beat the elite
Always use your eyes to see
The things people want to keep behind the door the wall
Make sure there are no close calls
Make sure you see, understand, and tell it all
When you get the call, the chance for greatness take it
But never forget where you came from
You gotta help your momma with the income because you never know the outcome
Someone once said from the darkness there comes light
Someone once said from the weak there might
What about from the weak, o the strong, to the mighty,
o the fighting, to the great,
to the people who won't change,
to the people slayin day to day, to the people that have faith
never give up, never stop fighting,
writers keep on writing, teachers keep on teaching,
preachers keep on preaching
To all make sure you a survivor and keep on surviving thriving
Hell even lying if it helps not harms,
Please just keep going

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