Hearts Desire In Selma

Life becomes Glory when the hearts deep desire
becomes unhinged
Floundering like a fish out of water
Flopping crazily up and down
Not sure just where to land
As if from a puppeteers hand, it jostles and swishes
dancing so gloriously proud,
Selma, Selma, where ground was broken,
With people marching on and on. No guns or ammunition,
only righteous fire lit their hearts
To seal a land mark in Selma ever proud.
Selma, Selma, and its leader Martin Luther King Jr.
With his faithful followers,
Following with their hearts in their mouths
Yes, it took courage to brave the walk,
but they did it without condition
A desire for freedom so deeply etched, led them on.
The march will continue for how ever long it takes
Until each soul knows
that crossing the bridge into Selma
fifty years ago , with their lives at stake
was a historical making, physical phenomenon!

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