Her Name is Death

Like ivy
Growing on me
It thrives
Like moss on a stationary stone
Besides the green, I am alone

She takes me by the neck
Whispers comforting invectives
She speaks of beautiful, cyclical destruction
The words “death” and “life” intertwine on the canvas that is her breath
And she kisses my forehead
And she takes my hand
And she brings me close
To take my life
To bring me to life
And the once silent void is now full of sound
Vines grow and overwhelm my senses
All I smell, feel, taste, and hear is the raging growth of lavish lush
I try to scream but I am suspended in time
And as my final moments pass I leap from my body

In horror and awe I watch my vessel transform
Irises bloom from my eyes,
Tulips from my mouth
And nature takes what was once mine

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