Herding Agenda

Herding Agenda

Counterfeit are the fibers of our strings we strum hums of numb each day,
We wake each morning yawning an escape for the sake of being fake,
Praying our eyelids fault on a line begging for an earthquake to wake,
But we would rather swim in our vessels of naïve reflecting the real inner-me-you,
Alienation cloaks our true identity with a dash of influence of ‘they’ for we nod okay,
Tranquilized like an animal, society, we are mammals sewed with instinct and reason, to be imprisoned, invisible decision? QUANDARY combusts thoughts internally, eyelids impregnated by LIES, birthing streams of forgotten dreams, we influence ourselves to be influenced not to THINK or CREATE, for we bow to your false truths and follow your dictating, instructed, untruths,
Believe me, I implemented these ideologies inside your core beliefs, feel free? Or react? To your own rationalizing prescription, you see? Responding………… Karl Marx is wrong! I am right, headstrong,

Blood Beats,

‘They’, Breed Sheep’s,

Soul Leaps Bleak,


But we have a hidden sleuth, prowling, prying, at their conspicuous clues,
The truth stapled on our backs like a missing person, our vision forward in diversion, splashing in ill illusion, maybe we need to fall back, realize we are off track and see the truth of our confusion,
Liberty, stand tall, sear your flame within humanity, preach your unspoken words of conformity, for you lasso the ‘whole’ to be on duty,
Hell…is consumption of other people, it’s simple, logos engulfs your pathos,
Be a hero, impulse shovels of material, entertain the unknown, live in your own imperial TV show,
Avoid your labor appetite, utilizing products, we must vomit these economics, less is more, nature knows,
humanity loathes from dogmatic, sigh… problematic,

Your acceptance flies above, translucent banner trails behind like a bipolar chameleon dove, do you recognize your self-love?
The happiness you label, currency, lies in a foreign cave; chained, darkened, enslaved, blinded by the light, not questioning the void that resides insight, rather believing in your shadow, listen to your truth that bongos tunes of ‘let’s go’,
Transcend? The light boils your irises upon ascend, will you dematerialize due to being self-condemned?
Snippets of endless artificial supply of illusionists (they) reel adaptation, demand antibacterial to neutralize ‘they’ from your creation or stay unconscious, but


It’s socially normal.


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