Here I Stand

I survived nativity. The second trimester spelled
death for me. A battle of blood once expelled
and turned away soon after held.
I survived the taunts and tease. Most of school
was not a breeze, too small, too tall, too fat,
too thin. Shortly thereafter, body dysmorphia
set in.
I survived the men who broke my heart and my soul.
The crushing of my spirit, my throat, and bruises
left a hefty toll.
I survived the nights of hell where the "I love yous"
became a loud yell and the ring a cage I didn't
choose, for I was a captive of the abuse.
I survived the fear of the unknown. That leaving
home would bring, now that I am all alone.
I resembled a butterfly with a broken wing.
I survived the struggle it took to live when life
became too much and the pain refused to give.
To end the suffering, was only my crutch
In hopes of escaping this world that deceives.
I survived each obstacle thrown that seemed to
push this girl off her throne. Instead of falling
into the abyss, from the ashes I rise, Like
a phoenix that never dies. For I am a
lucky one whose past can help someone.

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