Hydrogen and Helium

Radiance spills out of you and
youre not even aware of the
radiance you bring to others
Because that’s your normal.
As if a passing stranger gave a homeless man
20 dollars and his gratitude grew flesh and bone
and burst forth from a flash of color and warmth,
You are a kind gesture come to life.
You are sweet and generous nough
to give me a place in your sky and
your parents never fail to remind me
or anyone else how much joy they feel
to have their own personal sunbeam
,perhaps even the sun itself.
You are the sun.
Our parents are so proud of you
We wear symbols of our differences
on our skin for the world to see,
you with the black ink sketched forward
and center on your shoulder where
you have always been,
whether it be in the front of someone’s
mind or affection.
Bringing balance to those around you.
I wear mine on the back of my shoulder.
That’s where my chip is.
The delicate crescent pillowed by shy
lotus petals soaking up the solitude
in the suns shadow.
We tore our way from the same womb,
our mother made of interstellar carbons
and broken pieces,
our father the singularity our
family erupted from,
our brother the constellations,
you the sun, a star itself.
And me?
Satellite debris as best.
Some say the sun and the
Moon are lovers.
I wouldn't say that.
I would say they’re sisters.

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