I am a homeless veteran

It’s not like I wanted to come back this way
Screwed up from the horrors I saw.

I fought so we could live another day
And now I’m looked at as society’s flaw.

All I ask is for some food to eat
And what I get is a dirty glance.

It’s so hard living on the street
I keep praying to God for another chance.

No one understands that I have no choice
There is no family to go back to.

Us homeless have no voice
Because no one cares about our view.

I beg you next time you see me walk by
Do not look at me like scum.

See me as the soldier I truly am
Not just another bum.

For I have served this country
And I wish to be proud.

But I’m left thirsty and hungry
Alienated in a large crowd.

Please do not give up on me
For I have done so much for you.

I am a homeless veteran
And I need help getting through.

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