I Fear That

I fear that one day, all the mess we made, will come back to haunt us,
Slither through the vents and wait there, ready to attack.
When the time is right, it will turn off the lights, leading to confusion,
End up suffocating us all, when the power comes back.

I fear that a few years from now, I will not think of the future,
Wallow in the present, regretting all my past deeds.
Forgiving will be impossible, forgetting, another story,
Wanting to choose another path, for I know where this one leads.

I fear that the liberty of my country is slowing slipping away from our grasp,
Since the wind of hate is knocking branches into my window.
Tears that make my eyes clouded, happiness obscured,
Until each heart turns stone-cold like the effect of a fallen domino.

I fear that one day, I will forget my own name,
The stories that I once knew will turn to dust, withering away.
Each memory I once held on to will now become a test of faith,
To see if my mind is still young as our history is rewritten every single day.

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