I Remember

I remember the tears of my mother that night in 2016
I remember the fear in my heart while I was listening
To the news about our chosen one
Thinking how could we choose someone so undone
So broken, so cold
Someone with a devotion to the old
Ideas which many share, but cause others to lie dead
In a city square because of something they said
I pretended everything was fine
While others defended an idea they called divine
That one man should marry one woman
How could someone be cured and
“Saved” from this apparent disease
While others braved the unease
And tried to “fix” the world
By reading scripts written by people who only observe
But I ignored it and lived my life
Others loaded their gun and screamed in strife
It was a nightmare that lasted years
Some celebrated a sight where many shed tears
Today, hope is again found
Today, we can begin to cope with the pain in which we’ve drowned
The perception of our country should not be a deception, but a reflection
Of our ideas and our dreams
Of our reason for being.
And that is why I will remember today
With joy I can’t deny, and love I won’t betray

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