I thought you were the one until you weren’t

You probably don’t remember me,
Or maybe , you do but you don’t want to remember me;
Because every time you’ll remember me – you’ll get the flashbacks of all the
memories , “of me”.
All I asked you that day was that , did you ever loved me?
There was no answer on the other side of the phone call,
As if you were heartbroken to answer that question to me;
Cause deep inside you knew that all this while –
“you were just pretending to love me”,
But then all of a sudden on a rainy evening while listening to melodious songs;
You caught yourself thinking about someone else and not about me.
And, that very day you said so many things;
Except the answer of that question that you were supposed to tell me;
Yes, That was it ,you didn’t answer, for you never loved me,
No day, No time, No moments, all was a lie.
“I wanted to say so many things to you , without saying anything”,
After hanging up the phone call , I said to me.

- To the boy who never loved me.

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