I wonder

I wonder why people feel alone,

When they are surrounded by so many.

I wonder why people judge each other,

Instead of being each other's support.

I wonder why people gossip behind people's back

Without knowing that we all are same and no one is perfect.

I wonder why people fight with each other,

Instead of finding a solution to their issue.

I wonder why people are afraid of taking new steps ahead,

When there are so many to support them.

I wonder why people always spend most of their time on social media,

Without caring about the feelings of their families and friends.

I wonder why people always hurt each other,

Instead of bringing a bright smile on their face.

I wonder why people are ashamed of saying sorry to someone when it is their fault,

Not even bothering about the sentiments of others,

I wonder how people can easily go from someone's life,

Instead of showing compassion.

I wonder why people bring the two worst things between their relations-- Ego and Attitude,

Instead of building their bond stronger!!

But then I realised that somewhere people are lack of love, true friends, and happiness,

Try to be someone's light in their darkest moments.

Here, you are not showing that how kind you are,

But you are simply helping that person to fly high in the sky, when they are about to fall from the edge!

Try to be that person,

I dare you that you will create your own happiness!!

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