It's silly how i feel so depressed, Because i m so stressed
Thats what i think of my life
Feels like someone stabbed me with a knife
My only wish is to be free, free from all the boundations
And dive in a sea,wherein i can breathe and live with creations
Creations of the One,We are all His sons
But i desire to be happy,Happier than i used to be
But it doesn't seems to please the Almighty
And so He made my way mighty
The road is Misty and foggy,And now i feel very sorry
Sorry to have this human birth
Or maybe I m not realising its worth
All i wish to do is to change my past
But may be God knows i can surpass
Surpass my difficulties in life, but i m completely strife
Because now i feel tired,tired of crying all night
Now i feel a requirement to be inspired
So that i can change my flight(of life)
Realising i cant change my past,I will have to last
Last this life just to know what future holds
Or maybe its correct to rethink what's told
That future is like a blank page
It's simply a new stage
Which we are supposed to create
And present is the time we have to initiate

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