Is study so boring ?

Is study so boring?
I wanna have a look,
But I will do everything in it,
By hook or by crook,
Actually the time when u start loving study,
Begins the trail,
And that is the time when you never fail,
Even if it's snow or very heavy hail,
The time when you give the commitment,
Starts your attainment,
And that is what one of those biggest achievement.
Mats has lots of problems,
And I am glad to solve all of them,
Hoping that it will help me then.
Social science is my friend,
I know all it's history,
But yet there is much to it's mystery.
Knowledge is nothing but what you gain,
With lots of hardships and great pain,
The truth is that it never comes to an end,
And one day will become the biggest trend,
Study is good for those who like it ,
And boring for those who just swipe it,
But to my opinion study is not so boring.
Is study so boring??

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