It’s Midnight And I’m Still Not Over It

You’ve preached with your soul
or so you claimed.
I wonder if you even listened
to what you were speaking?
You told me to strap on my goggles
and look underneath the water’s surface,
to see what the world was really like.
Though the ocean was hazy-
I could still see existence of life.
Swimming underneath what I couldn’t see.
New cones of vision thrust upon me-

I still wonder what reality truly is.

Obsessively, I scrub the lens of my goggles,
just hoping I’m making a mistake.
I can’t be seeing the truth here
but there is no fault, the water’s clear.
I don’t want to believe.

I can only hope that the others you guide
are immune to your spoken distortions-
your misguiding sermons.
I cling to the very last thread of belief
that they don’t drown.

I’m barely afloat myself.

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