Kai (a poem for a pit bull)

  Is what people call your breed.
  Is what people tell their kids.
Incapable of love,
  Is what people say, when they speak about pit bulls.

  Is what you are,
when you sit with your man-cub on a Saturday morning,
idolizing your diaper laden friend.
the laser like precision of your tongue
ensures that no cheerios stay
glazed to the cheek bones
of your bi-ped puppy.

  is what you are,
  when your tongue assaults me,
  completely bypassing my ear and
  polishing my brain. Or the
  excitement that fills your eyes as
  your lock-jaw
  adorns my wrist, proving that
  your loyalty rivals my shadow
   in the evening fall light.

  Is what you are,
  As you imagination shines
  Through one and a half blue eyes
  Every time you liberate the water bowl from
  The weight of it’s wet oppressor.
  Acting like the hero, with the
  Bounty in your mouth,
  Bowl and head held high
  As you strut past your peers.
  The same as a kid with a stick,
  Your some dog with a bowl

  Creativity blooms from the strangest of holes.
  Now back to the eyes,
  One and a half parts blue.
  The remaining half is black
  And like the gage, which measures fuel
  His  eyes reflect the capacity for his ability
  To love.

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