Lady Marionette

Lady Marionette

My, my... Thou, my lady marionette,
your eyes are still bleeding with tears.
Oh, please excuse my insolence 'till death,
and there inside your soulless body hide your fears.

Whence are thou tonight my puppet friend?
Still inside your morose doll room?
Well, it's still not the time for the show to end,
so, stay there and don't spread thy gloom.

Aha! So, you have your own world in there?
Don't you think you're feeling free?
They locked you in that rubbish of a lair
and now, your contented feelings shouldn't be.

Why do I keep checking thou, my rotten mad doll?
Hmm... I'll tear you to shreds if you're not around.
Because it's just you and me in this broken world,
we are doubtlessly everlastingly and insanely bound.

No, no... I am not a traitor nor a hypocritical manipulator,
So, slumber and silence your unneeded uncertainty.
Yes, yes... Believe me that I'll call you when reality is no more.
Now, continue with thy nightmares, thy bloody and pandemonium-like reverie.

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