What is life?
Could it be a cycle or just a fraud?
Or an unfinished masterpiece, where the creator is God
and the project is life?
Could there be something more to life?

Once I decided to sit down and watch life go by
I convinced myself that all problems would be fixed soon
that maybe everything could be fixed by a goodbye,
but it was all a lie.
I had to stand up and do something about it and attune.

What is life for you? For us? For them?
Or for the upcoming generations?
Could there be more change than the one there is now?
I stand in the middle of a combustion
realizing every single explanation
and I just ask how?

How did I let it all become so abroad?
How have I let life pass me below?
Now I decided to stand up and not yet applaud,
for I believe we shall applaud
at the end of a show; this is not the end of my show.

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