Sometimes I feel life is beautiful sometimes it is hard…Begin our birth we started our life journey and one day we will end our journey. I don’t know how it will end or when it will end. Some people end there life when they small. Why is that? Why they can’t full fill their life journey?
However after begin our life journey we can’t stop when we want to stop. So I believe that we need to spend our life positive way. Need to do something to our world. So first we have to understand who we are? & why we came this world?
I think everyone have unique duty that is not same to any other person. At the past I always fight to figure out who am I, why I came to here. But finally I got the answer. After we find our self... Life is become so easy. Because we always try to do our best to do our duty. And we are satisfying with our work. That duty not always physical activity sometimes it may spiritual activity. As an example some people gifted new innovative things to world & make our life easier but everyone don’t know about science and technology or make new findings or do new innovations. But they know how to laugh .they donate their laugh & joy to world, someone donate their consolatory words to world or some people donate their love & kindness… finally everyone make our world beautiful.
Unfortunately some people have no idea about their life purpose or detonate their life purpose. So they running to catch unnecessary life targets and end up their life without any meaning.
I think, if we misunderstand why we came to this world and end up our life without out any meaning. Universe will return back us again to this world to full fill our life purpose.

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