Love is just a curse

I could come up with a thousand lies
But those lies will come up in time
When I said I loved you I meant it And when I let it all go and blew it into the distance.
I pushed you away, typical me always running away,
now I’m smiling, hiding, faking, pushing them emotions away.
Daddy left when I was five,
abandoned , forgotten, never truly alive.
Can’t trust because it all ends the same, with you walking away.
Never feel secure, always feeling used.
When I met you, you turned into my muse,
kept me smiling, laughing and feeling high.
But I know you could never truly be mine.
Too good to be true as they say.
so I pushed and pushed and I pushed you away.
till the water caved in and drowned are everlasting day.
I sit and think why you didn’t fight back, you gave up,
maybe it was always a game not love just a illusion of the brain.
But still stay with this feeling of pain I’ll never been the same, because destiny ran its course, and love is just a curse.

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