Mary\’s Battlefield

By Hazel    Avatar

They laugh at depression
They laugh at suicide
They laugh at the fact you aren't whole
They laugh when you cry
They laugh at your pain
They laugh at it all
It's all just a game
Until they get that phone call
They call you crazy
Because they don't know how it feels
They don't know what you hold deep inside
They don't know bout the demons
You've tried to kill
They don't know about the nights
You wished your life would come to a end
They don't care about the secrets
You hold within
They can't understand
Why you wear your heart on your sleeve
They call your pain attention seeking
They don't care til you leave
You keep emotions inside
Because the things you hold
You cannot tell
Mental health is a joke to some
Until they experience it or the loss themselves
They turn their nose up at you
When they have demons too
A woman so down to earth
Speaks nothing but truth
On the outside she smiles.
But inside she is broken
Tired of the pain
Tired of living with demons
Tired of struggling
Tired of staying strong
Tired of pretending everything's alright
When everything is so wrong
Mary's Battlefield

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