I signed up this  mystry 
To happen on this crisis
And excepted no ancestry
To peel out and think about paid prices
Over each and every mistake of history
No enthusiasm or spices

Tap down that bond
To bring about no unicorn
A simple equation atoned
To dignify the pragmatic approach
And play out the gamble of history
And shake of love for chemistry

Blink down blip blip
Seconds passed in waste fits
Gravity and attraction slips 
Promotes theory of relativity
Nature cause this physics
To happen and make memories ticks

Oh please, the release 
Could be exotic or extinct breed
Taken all the way, even through psychology
Wonder of world's should include it
As it is the pleasure of biology

Nature or manmade, these livings
Feel like they're dead as it is
But for the sake of pragmatics
Lives are bound to the valedictory
Death and birth are the parts
To soothe races of creature's divine benedictory

No belief in God, 
Signs of pyrrhic victory
Nature is the greatest factorial
So respect with your life it's synchronicity
Disasters are part of karma
That does resolve in this natural ministry. 

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