Mentality malfunction

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mentality malfunction

All of our functions are completely taken over
What are we?
someone .. a person.. Its a body
Ran by a brain
So are we a brain? Or are we just an idea made from someone else’s brain?
A perfectly planned body.
Planned for one purpose: to die
But death isnt all what we live for
We live for love
Love is not hate.
But hate is love
To hate something you must have once loved it
So why do we hate? If we once did love..
The brain is the stranger to the eye, for which they have never met
However, our eyes decieve us and work with this system to create the hate
But where’s the love?
Eyes see love
Bodies feel love
Feelings are stronger than what you may witness
But the body works not with the mind anymore
So where’s the love?

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This world is full of hate, and I needed something about it.