Mirror Image?

I looked into a mirror and saw
A person I had never known.
Yet, by nature's very law,
It was me, my flesh and bone.
Somehow, the girl had aged in wisdom
Had seen things I would never see.
Here I was, still in my childhood
While a stronger, smarter one was she.

I admire her and curse myself-
Curse my clumsiness, disgrace.
Still I sit here, still I wonder
Could that really be my face?
I wish I could've done what she did,
Make the choices that she chose.
On her face I see a hardness
Etched upon there by her woes.
I know that I could be just like her,
And, in fact, I am right now.
But it seems like she's the better
And forever I will bow.

So, do you know how to get there? How to cross the frozen mirror?
If you do, I'd like to come with, and compare them-There with Here.
What could give her such perfection? What could shape her in that way?
Maybe I will go and live there. Maybe.I will stay.

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