My Life

My life will never be the same.
Is it the way I walk, or the way I talk?
I cannot explain.

I sit and wonder all the time where it's
going, this life of mine. I never know from day
to day if I should stay, or if I should stray.

This life of mine, will it ever be the same? I
really want to stop playing this stressful game. Not
just today but forever, and it can end whenever.

Sadness, why must it come? Why must it
stay? Sadly, I don't know. And with that
my sadness grows.

My life used to be normal now it's just scattered,
everyday I'm feeling like it's tattered. I wish things
could be the same, but that might bring shame.

Stress, a state of mental and emotional strain, so
much strain it sometimes causes me pain. My life,
what can I do? stress comes out of the clear blue.

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