My Little Glass House

By Da Poet    Avatar

A house is not a home
no matter how it's built
if the foundation isn't strong
it shall crumble fall to pieces

Wood, stone, bricks, steel
the material doesn't matter
the exact chemistry will

I laid my heart upon a silver platter
I turned away t'was broken-shattered
Who would drag my soul through the mud
dash my hopes with black tar and crud

Seeking understanding let out a desperate cry
no love, no happiness, no peace just pain
thought our feelings were mutual
no need to explain

Humble beginnings use to wear a frown
but then came a smile turned it upside down
Thought we'd found it felt so good
now you're on different track
no need to look back

A house is not a home
when you're all alone
heartache stained walls
is all that is shown


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