My Nubain King

You mystify me my chocolate brother
You have piqued my curiosity
I think it's the way you waltzed into the corporate world
Wearing your Giorgio Armani
But knowing all the while
With your beautiful dimples and your mischievous smile
That you'd rather be in Sean John
G'd up in style
I am ever so fascinated and I love you for who you are
Being a jack of all trades
Playing that stock broker role well
But knowing you'd rather be around the way

I love the many hats my brother
The many hats that you wear
With you hazel-almond shaped eyes and your dreadlocked hair
There should have been an announcement on the news, my Nubian king
That day that you were born
Because you have conquered my heart and ran with it
You have taken my world by storm
I wish our planets would collide somehow
Because you are as hot as Mercury
And I am captivated by you now
Forever and always my Nubian king
Being with you makes me want to holler out loud
Being with you makes my heart want to sing!
I love you for what you are and the things that you do
I want to follow the paths of your territory
I want to enter into the kingdom of you!

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