My Sun

Black Boy, may I call you Sun?
I love you Sun, and I wish my love was sufficient, but it isn’t!
I see you struggle to get out of those chains, but you can not until you remember your reign.
They label you, and say you rebel, but what it really is, naw, they won’t tell!
They won’t tell you that before you were born, they’d already tried to wrestle you down. They tried to beat you, and rip off your crown.
You’re not raised in a land unknown to your soul. You’re just raised in a “system” that wants to bury your gold. But the real gold is in the lie which was told. They told you, my Sun, that you’re here because you were sold.
I am reminded, how no matter the ships drawn in history, supposedly carried you and me. They went through all of that trouble you see,in order to cause a mystery.
You are original to this world!
You’re not a minority. Another lie to hide who’s really the majority.
They try to reprogram you, deprogram you, and take away your brave. They want you to believe that in your past life, you were a slave.
They want you to destroy you, but they say they do things for you.
They create a ghetto floor for you. They make you fight for crumbs for you. Then they put you in cages for you.
They accuse you of many things, but never will they let you know, that they are trying to tame a KING!
Why kill each other in a war to own a simple street? To kill your brothers and your sisters, or at the least get beat???
If you only knew who you really are, you wouldn’t be defined by a gun.
Your planet is bigger than that...

My Sun.

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