Naked Trees

Here is the mountain's vale once clothed in furs
Like a bear in the snow separated only by green
Standing like King Kong gigantic on all fours
Should it turn its face, terror would stroke its grin.

As a boy I wondered what dwelt in such darkness
As the trees bent and creaked in the wind
With the caws of ravens and owls the wood buzz restless
And terror never seemed to free my mind.

Then sometimes summer simmer It's smouldering ray
Into the thickest furs of the green
Exposing the nakedness of the proud woods to the day
Wilting every leaf and every terror my fearful mind had seen.

Sometimes we would run into the yellow of dead leaves
Where you will find them naked trees
Humming the chirping of the birds 'n' casting down their griefs
As we dance in the vale like bees naked with the trees.

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