Never an Us

You said most nights,
That I made you speechless,
Hair done up,
And my little black dresses,
The way your eyes sparkled,
When you looked at me,
Like no one else existed,
Besides you and me

But oh that feeling,
That feeling faded fast,
Oh I should've known,
I should've known it wouldn't last,
Yeah that feeling,
It was nothing but a rush,
Oh I was blinded,
I was blinded by your touch,
So as we move on,
There's no need to cause a fuss,
Because we both knew,
There would never be an us,

Long nights in your truck,
With the radio on,
We'd share a few laughs,
As we played our favorite songs,
Throw back a few beers,
Smiling at each other,
Not realizing,
We really didn't need each other

And while it was fun,
It just wasn't what I need,
The longer I was with you,
The more I felt lonely,
Yeah I finally realized,
You weren't my one and only,
While I wish you the best,
Your best wasn't me,
We both deserve something,
That isn't just temporary

Oh those feelings were nothing but a rush,
I'm no longer blinded by your touch,
Thanks for not causing a fuss,
At the fact that there was never really an us

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