Off topic

Subtrainian existence
A slimming resistance
Ten miles wide, shining persistence
Listen Closely there's a message within
The next biggest profit for instance
Your ears are like stone wall,
Lately you won't even listen
I woke up a new person reality is a blessing
You can't return shame, your receipt needs a checking
Suplex your ego through a table
I've been watching to much wrestling
Looking for a lady
What lovely lines I've been casting
This depressions whipping me
Putting down 20 lashes
Quickly I run away, my spirits outlasting him
Over powered energetic waves are crashing in
Stand up against America and say my statements then
Fucking ignorant prison system always raping men
Working hard for all the little cash I've been racking in
Waking up everyday so surprised I'm still making it
Some times I don't even try and I'm still making
Real ones
We're always having fun
I don't even have to meet with anybody
Fuck a goddamn gun
This anxiety weighs a ton
These dumbasses wearing foggy glasses
Never focus on after math or the backlash
Stupid fucks hiding behind wack macks
You're simplistic perspectectives are all trash
Party kids are chasing after alice in an hour glass
Everything tastes like a plate full of sour rats
Chasing away my panic on a yoga mat
Laughing at every single stupid brat
With more money than my life savings in the back pockets
Sometimes I wishes money poured out of my eye sockets
Drowning my sorrows away in a field of blue bonnets I changed the subject, I can never stay on topic ,
Maybe I'll feel better if I just vomit
The doctor looked at me angrily concerned
Saying my kidneys are toxic
I need to drink more water
I look at him straight faced thinking when can I get off it
He grasped my hand very softly
Shouting you'll need to drink it more often
And you should stop smoking, whole I'm eratecly coughing
And let me guess no more coffee
Mr please back the fuck up off me

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