On Top

Why only put cherries in shirley temples and
rum cocktails?
picture perfect: a shiny red nose dots 
not only pancake smiles but
 toast, spaghetti, and pizza faces
yeah yeah
cherry balloons, hold Up
Every hotair Balboa pier Milkshake heading west for 
Niagara falls
But I want dribbling maraschino 
To make even my before bed justmilk blush 
Stem bows should clatter around
EVERY partytrick Budweiser bottle
(Shasta, Flav, Pepper)
the taste of raw red
already seduced the Doctors
but Let’s conquer coke....
today’s cola mistress will sunny tomorrow bathe in the whole goddessdamn soda fountain
the exception becomes the rule 
every tooth in the Fairy’s collection is stained FD&C red 40 where only pop art femme fatales bit into marasca bombs Mondays become sundaes 
yum, bitch
redfleshy “too little” fun-ettes rosy, bursting, and underestimated stand in a kickline
kicking and kicking the club soda glass ceiling
so Royal Ann’s silly straw and paper parasol will one day reign not vacation exclusive but persistent prevalent like blue jeans
Until President Oprah yells to the world, You get a cherry! and you get a cherry!
No pretty please needed

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