One More Day

One More Day

If I had but one day to live, just one;
I’d suck the marrow from it, slurp it dry I tell you.

I’d skydive in the morning; Zorbing until noon.
I’d rappel Mt. Rushmore, down Teddy’s nose no doubt.

I’d swim with the dolphins and ride an elephant;
I’d take tea, just me ‘n the Pope, in the Sistine Chapel - he’d let me wear the Papal tiara.

I’d Float the Dead Sea, crest Everest, trek Macho Picchu;
I’d eat fried Oreos at the Taj, encierro in Pamplona.

I’d balloon above the pyramids and hike the Grand Canyon;
I’d pop Pringles atop the Great Wall while getting an ankle tattoo of Tracy’s face.

I’d catch up on my child support. $430 a month! I swear, Derek has my “Best Man” Kevin’s DNA;
Travel to the moon, I would.

I’d cure cancer and take out the recycling, Tracy didn’t remind me - again;
I’d clean the gunk - what is that, spaghetti? - from the microwave walls.

I’d open that P90X box I got in the mail six years ago ’n get shredded - look those cheese grater abs!
I’d schedule an oil change and switch the laundry to the dryer.

Another rerun of Gilligan’s Island is over. I get up, go to the toilet, now I’m back on the couch.
I close my eyes to pray, “Dear Lord, please give me one more day to live, just one.”

Look, Rocky IV is on Netflix!

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