Only Together

Our nation was born on the words:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”
But what good are truths when the evidence proves
Society is utterly self-centered
We want to rise but refuse to work together
We yell “Black Lives Matter”
But come home from the protest
And still remain incredibly selfish.

We must come together
Because the present is not forever
Because our children deserve better
Because in America we have never
Been able to push past what divides
We still choose to live inside these lines
That were drawn based in corruption lies

We need to look past the privilege that blinds
The prejudices that bind
Because in the end the prize
Is what we something we have never been able to provide
To a nation that is longing for revise
We need to stand up and together realize
The next generation is looking at us with innocent eyes

It is our turn to lead
To be the ones who plant a seed
To believe
That together we can achieve
The equality that we need
And only then
Can we truly be free

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