Pain By Roses

Pain By a Rose

The roses in my face, melting slowly,
They smell divine, I keep them closely,
But they’re way too hot, melting plastic,
Hurting me in a way that’s way too tragic.

Throw them away, throw them away,
That’s what they say,
But they smell so good, smell so good,,
So I’m like no way,

But they burn too much,
And I’m like maybe,
And inch by inch,
I’m creeping towards those daisies,

But the roses, the roses, they are my whole life,
I can’t live without them, even if they hurt like a knife,
Wound, And the salt inside,
Spreading around, spreading around,
Will they bring me to my knees, and after that to the ground?

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,
I gotta leave,
And waiting for me are those sweet, sweet, daisies,
But how do I know, how do I know,
That they’re not cold,
Waiting to seize me in a most freezing snow,

So I hold on and hold on, I hold onto the roses,
They burn me and melt me,
But I'm not letting go, they already know it,
But I’m still stepping away, stepping away, stepping
Getting farther and farther and farther by the day,
And soon I’ll be days and days and days,
Farther away,
They’re still gonna hurt me,
But I’ll be closer to those daisies.

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