Pieces of me

Pieces of me have been ripped and torn, Chipped and
broken, Scattered and thrown.
Pieces from those who have touched my life, My son, My
Daugther, The death of my wife

That broken mirror in an empty room, These memories
they haunt me, The ghost in this tomb
Pieces of me like broken glass, The pain that loves
given has splintered my path

The love that I cherished, Cancer took her life
I'm desperately trying to hold on to the light
Pieces from puzzles all tattered and weathered
we twist and we turn trying to fit them together

Pieces of clay on a potters wheel, Molded by tears
that we're taught not to feel.
Those pieces are gone and they will never return
Hold dear to the lessons for in them we've learned

Be cunning as serpents yet gentle as doves.
let go of the pieces, Hold on to the LOVE.

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