what is the point?
I'm not depressed
I'm genuinely curious
is there a point?
I suppose I doubt it
Why should there be one?
Does it matter if there is a point or not?
It'd mean we are born to die
but we couldn't live like that, could we
"Life is the point! To love is the point!"
I don't believe so.
Can you make a point?
Could you build one?
My determination says yes
But my mind says no
It'd be easier if I were just depressed
I've been there, I can crawl out
Battle scars and all, huh
cheesy shit
I've been the girl who curses like a sailor
Been the girl who is brighter than the sun
Doesn't matter
That won't stop me though
who cares if there isn't one point?
Make one
Find one
Build one
If you can't
try again

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